Nature is our home and we are natural beings, so it is crucial for us to be aware of our everyday actions and impact on the environment that we have. Our job is to respect our natural base and keep in mind that it is NOT for granted. It is NOT our property. It is here for us and for ALL future generations. We have to learn to live in harmony with nature and preserve the health of natural environment. We have to change the course and stop abusing the environment. We have to educate and become the roll models for future generations. Respect life and the world we live in!

Below you can find diverse topics and agendas that we have to change to make this world a better place.


AMAZON - Brazil's destroying of the forest


BAG IT - Is your life too plastic



BLOOD IN YOUR MOBILE - Our phones are financing war in DR Congo


BLUE GOLD - World water wars



COVE - Bloody industry of aquapark dolphins



DARWIN'S NIGHTMARE - Industry of fish and weapons



END OF THE LINE - Devastating effect of overfishing



EARTHLINGS - Animals for profit



FOOD INC - Corporate controlled food industry



FUEL - America's addiction to oil


FUTURE OF FOOD - What are GMO's and how do they affect our lives



FRESH - New thinking about what we're eating



GARBAGE ISLAND - Plastic in the ocean



GASLAND - Drilling for gas, is it really clean



GULF - BP oil disaster



HOME - Save the planet

PLASTIC PLANET - Plastic kills



SPRAWLING FROM GRACE - Fossil-fuel-dependent cities



STORIES FROM THE GULF - Oil rig disaster