Calendar 2012

Beautiful underwater photography calendar with 12 amazing photos printed in 3D technique only: 5.00€/piece (3D glasses included).


High Quality Prints

If you like my photos, you can make an order for print in any size. Copy link into e-mail together with size and quality you would like to get. If you can not find suitable photo, send me an e-mail with your wishes and I will look in my large database (more than 10.000 photos) and send you suggestions. I can also make a special photo trimmed to your needs! All photos are high-quality prints, laminated with special foil and pasted on hard back. Prices depend on size, press technique and custom framing:


Size High Quality Photo Print High Quality Canvas Print Framing
10x15 cm 20 € -- --
20x30 cm 70 € 90 € +30 €
30x45 cm 90 € -- +30 €
35x50 cm*
100 € -- +40 €
40x60 cm 180 € 220 € +40 €
50x70 cm**
190 € 240 € +50 €
90x135 cm 250 € 300 € +70 €
100x150 cm 300 € 350 € +80 €
150x225 cm 350 € 400 € +100 €
200x300 cm 400 € 500 € +120 €

* 30x45 cm photo + 5 cm black border.
** 40x60 cm photo + 10 cm black border.
Winning photos: For awarded photos add 20% to final price.
All photos can be high-quality laminated if wished.

Each order is completely customizable due to your wishes

Besides basic order you can add:

- border in color of your choice
- aluminum or wooden frame of any type and color
- authors signature
- dedication note



Electronic photos can be purchased for various publications. You will receive full size photo in JPG or TIFF format (300dpi) in CMYK color space. Price is considered on type of magazine and press quantity.

Usually the price for publication in A4 format with up to 10.000 copies is 100.00€.

We give discount for students, environmental and non-profit magazines and ventures.

Please send me your inquiry and you will receive the offer.



Photography workshops and ecology lectures

I hold photography courses and workshops for young and adults, divers and non-divers, amateurs and enthusiasts. Besides photography courses I lecture on environmental issues in schools and attend social events for companies or groups to hold presentations of my underwater work and travel photography.

One hour course or session presenting my works is 150.00€ + travel expenses.

If you are interested contact me!




I exhibit my photos, only when organizer covers all costs of the exhibition (printing pictures, catalogs...). In this case, the organizer shall pay production costs of the photos (only expenses for production). After the exhibition photos are returned to author, but organizer is entitled to keep 25% of photos if he wishes so.

If you are interested in particular exhibition contact me by e-mail!

Note: I do NOT send digital files for exhibition. I take care of complete production for each exhibition.


Photo assignments and custom photography


Since my specialty is FREE LANCE and EXTREME photography I will go on any assignment that needs a good photo coverage and passionate story teller.

Also if you are looking for professional photographer for your advertisement campaign I can arrange shooting in any environment. We have all the equipment, passion and knowledge to make your idea stand out and shine in great colors.

For more information send an email with your request!


Underwater works

Water is my second skin, so I am always keen on joining field projects which need an efficient underwater management or photo documentation. In this way I contributed to many underwater explorations in the past.

Regularly I cover complete photo documentation for all major underwater archeological excavation sites in Slovenia and Croatia.

I also work in the field of marine biology and construction works. If you are thinking of hiring me for such project don't hesitate to contact me.

For more information send an email with your request!


Wedding photography


Water and photography are my greatest passions. I enjoy water in all its forms, same as I enjoy all the aspects of photography. So if you like my WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY works and would like to have me as your photographer contact me.

"I like these festive moments of happy time when many streams are joint into one."

If you are looking for professional photographer for your event This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Studio tabletop and beauty photography

I love photography and studio setup works we make. Together with my team we make commercial shootings for products and capture gentle beauty shoots for modeling, groups or personal presentation. Our equipment is portable so we can make field photo-shootings without a problem. Pricing depends on how demanding the project is. To get a vague idea of estimated costs for your project see tables below.



Tabletop Size Nr. of scenes Nr. of photos Price
Small items max. 50x50x50cm 1 up to 10 150 €
Medium items max. 100x100x100cm 1 up to 10 200 €
Large items min. 100x100x100cm 1 up to 10 300 €



Beauty shoots Includs Nr. of scenes Nr. of photos
Personal portfolio Basic makeup and styling 2 10 250 €
Fashion portfolio Hairdressing, professional makeup and styling 3 20 350 €
Creative portfolio Artistic styling, bodypaint, themed clothing 1 5 450 €


Making of personal portfolio:


Please send us your request and we will send you our best offer.

Note: On request we can design and press high quality photobooks for your promotion.